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  • Avatar Daisy Renteria ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    After receiving a letter and making a call I was able to get help recovering a nice amount of money back for a car that I purchased a few years ago in which from day one you could tell that it was a lemon 🍋 do yourself a favor and give … More them a shot at helping you, I am thankful for what they did for me took a while because of covid but today I received my settlement and I couldn’t be more grateful to everyone involved and Miguel who was always very polite and very helpful when I would call him.
  • Avatar Crystal Berry ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    I have been beyond impressed since day one, when I started working with Strategic Legal Practices.
    From the very first call that I placed with them, they have been super polite, friendly, helpful, informative, reassuring, honest, to the
    … More point, and thorough.
    They walked me through everything I needed to do on my part and then literally took it from there. Whenever I called to check the status of the case, they were always able to help me and the call was quick- which is exactly what I wanted! There were times when I called and had a few questions and they were more than happy to help me. They were patient, kind and friendly when I needed to spend a little more time with them.
    I would highly recommend Strategic Legal Practices. From 1 to 10, I would rate them and 11 because they always went above and beyond!!
    Crystal B
  • Avatar Eric Alvarado ★★★★★ a month ago
    Was having issues with my Nissan Sentra due to the cvt transmission. Not to long after strategic reached out to me I got into contact with them. We did all the paper work and waited took almost 2 years but was definitely worth the wait. … More Received a very generous settlement thanks to strategic. Definitely recommend to anyone going through similar situation.
  • Avatar Erin Harrison ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    I have actually been unlucky enough to lease not one but two lemons in the past 15 years - one from Jeep and one from Landrover. Both times I contacted SLP after being given the runaround and denied the option to swap my vehicle only days … More after leasing them from the dealer / manufacturer. Both times SLP did an amazing job in handling my case and getting me fantastic settlements. This time, it was the Landrover, and the settlement I got, thanks to Greg Sogoyan at SLP was beyond my wildest dreams. And the communication throughout the process, with legal assistant Mesha Hakopyan - was beyond amazing. Mesha is exemplary - his thoughtfulness, thoroughness, knowledge and follow up are simply fantastic. There are plenty of lemon law attorneys out there, but SLP is above the rest. They are tireless and vigilant - when I had my Jeep case, I had responded to another firm out of Texas that sent me a letter. They sent one letter to Jeep and then literally gave up. Then SLP contacted me - they took over the case and got me back every payment I ever made on the car plus punitive damages.
  • Avatar NNBurks ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    I am Grateful that I chose Strategic Legal Practices to help me with my Case of Nissan Lemon Purchase. I bought a 2014 Nissan Altima in 2015 used with barley 10K miles, and it was problem after problem about a few days in, with transmission … More giving out not once but 3 times, then the car would over Heat and shut off not to start for a long time. Any how, SLP contacted me and was very supportive with understanding the circumstances and loss after loss! They worked very hard to get me the funds owed for the car and repairs, as well as I was able to keep the the vehicle. I’m so grateful and would recommend them to anyone who has purchased a LEMON CAR!! It’s worth it, they will get you over the amount expected!! Thanks SLP!
  • Avatar Jennifer Hansen ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    Hi there everyone my name is Jennifer Hansen I can’t say enough great things about this legal practice they have been very respectful honest and kind I bought a 2016 Nissan that ended up being a lemon this company took care of everything … More for me I never even had to be there in person not only did I get to keep the car that no longer has problems but they got me back every penny I put into it but they also got me plenty extra for my inconvenience I highly recommend this company …. Thank you all again fir your help
  • Avatar Rachel Weir ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    I had this problem with my car that I had made multiple trips to the dealer to fix, and each time, the problem persisted like nothing had been done! Like i spent HOURS at the dealership on multiple occasions and I thought, this isn't … More right! I didn't even think to approach a law firm about it because I didn't want to be caught up in a legal mess and i didn't think it was right that I should have to spend my money on legal fees in addition to all the maintenance fees and hours spent. Everyone at SLP was totally professional! I didn't have to do ANYTHING except turn over my maintenance records to them and they handled everything. They got me a massive settlement AND I got to keep my car--they really advocated for me to make things right! The attorneys fees were deducted from the settlement already of which they deserve EVERY PENNY--SO worth it! I walked away with $30,000! It was nothing short of a miracle, really. I am so grateful to SLP!
  • Avatar Brittney Lobo ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    By the grace of God I came across Strategic Legal Practices (SLP) when they sent my colleague a letter regarding vehicle issues for Jeep Cherokees. My colleague gave me the letter because he knew I was having several issues with my Jeep … More and the dealership was unable to diagnose and fix the many issue(s) the car had. I contacted SLP and they asked me to send them all work orders and receipts showing work done and paid for on the car. About 2 months later, SLP called me in June 2020 and told me that they would accept my Lemon Law case due to the work orders I provided for my car. I called about once a month to get an update on my case. At first, I became very frustrated because I felt like I always reached out to them and they never reached out to me. I felt like they were giving me the run around and were just lagging on my case. Then I began to read reviews of SLP, where most people said it took almost 2-3 years before their Lemon Law case finalized with SLP. I began to then become more patient and realized that working with lawyers takes time, and if it was God's will for me not to have the car, then it would come about at some point. It wasn't until I began to get patient and stop calling them, that I woke up one morning to an email saying SLP received an offer for a settlement on my car! This was in March 2021 (less than a year, unlike many other SLP clients were saying). I just surrendered my car on July 2, 2021. So I still waited about 4 months before I could surrender my vehicle, but it was all worth it. I received my final check today and will be looking to purchase another vehicle soon. Moral of the story is, be patient and trust the process. Be sure to send all work orders, forms, and documents within a timely manner to SLP as they request things from you. Follow-up occasionally by phone and/or email. Remember that they are fighting on your behalf with no money upfront from you, so .....DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED, IF SLP SAYS THEY WILL ACCEPT YOUR CASE, THEY LIKELY WILL WIN THE CASE!!!!
    Thank you SLP for all your help. I am so blessed to have found you guys. A special thanks to Caroline Santos, Yadira Sesmas, Chae Lee, Angelica Hind, Nino Sanaia, Nicole Aguilar, Tionna Dolin, and Sheryl Clark. Most of all, I want to give an even greater thanks and appreciation to Mesha Hakopyan, who was the Legal Assistant towards the end of my case. Mesha was the most responsive person I worked with during the entire process and he ensured the accuracy of my settlement, surrender, and final check. God Bless you all!
  • Avatar Angie Escalante ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    Strategic was able to get me $27,375 on my 2015 lemon car Nissan Sentra I was going on my 3rd transmission and no more warranty! They were great ! I was not disappointed and they came through ! No lies !
  • Avatar I. Ortega ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    Thanks to Strategic Legal Practices, APC for all their support, professionalism, continued follow up, and responsiveness throughout this process. I am extremely happy with the final outcome and anyone thinking about reaching out for legal … More support as it relates to a vehicle's performance, I highly recommend this Team. Thanks again!
  • Avatar Jorge Anguiano ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    Best people to work with, very experinces and professional. If I ever need any help with lemon car or know someone that has a lemon car i will recommend. Thank you so much.
  • Avatar Gerald V ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    Thank you to the Strategic Legal Team! They were able to win my case and finally receive great news from them! Great Team and easy to work with! Shout Out to Giovanissa! They make it easy to work with your case!
    Thank you! Great way to
    … More start the holidays!
  • Avatar HLJ ★★★★★ 4 weeks ago
    SLP was recommended by a family friend who had a successful case. I don't regret calling them and wish I would have sooner. My 2014 Jeep case settled in Dec 2021 and I received a settlement check in April 2022. It's a long process … More but worth it. I contacted them in 2020 and signed a retainer (COVID set the whole world back) and they were on top of it. They explained the process, answered questions and were responsive. I just wanted FCA to replace my Jeep Sport Cherokee but SLP said my case was egregious after reviewing the documentation/records I submitted. I ended up with receiving substantially more than the value of the car, including the interest paid, even after returning the car and purchasing another car. Their customer service is good but patience is key as you go through the process and worth it. They're great with emails and calls and will follow up and take accountability as no one is perfect and with COVID the whole world was impacted, worked around and adjusted to evolving business processes, etc. Bottom line if you have a lemon, give SLP a call. You have nothing to lose because if you don't have a case they'll let you know. But consumers do have rights and SLP was instrumental in helping me exercise mine and keeping FCA accountable for selling me a brand new car with a faulty transmission, engine and few other things. Ps. Stay on top of your car records from oil changes, tire rotations, dealer notes, purchase contract, etc. Every single document helps and is required in the settlement. Lastly I live in Sacramento and my whole case was handled by phone, email, docusign and my check was sent Fedex. I didn't pay a single dime up front. SLP received their funds at the same time I received mine. They're in LA but don't let that deter you. I highly recommend this SLP law firm!
  • Avatar Lorenzo Brown ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    I had received a letter, stating that I might have a case. I had nothing to lose so I decided to give it a shot. It took a minute like all other cases so I had given up . But they didn't wow is all I have to say I am very happy with … More the end result. I am a believer this company and staff is the Bomb. Thanks again for your hard work and professionalism.
  • Avatar CARMEN SANCHEZ-HINES ★★★★★ a year ago
    Got job there very happy
  • Avatar Jason Wolf ★★★★★ a year ago
    PLEASE, do yourself a favor and let these folks HELP you as they did me. As one can imagine if you've purchased a car only to find out later that you've been wronged by a car manufacturer this is a fight you can't do yourself … More and need the assistance of a professional and reliable law firm. That said, I NEVER write reviews. However I felt compelled to do so because my personal experience with EVERYONE at Strategic Legal Practices was beyond what I could have ever hoped for. Elizabeth Vazquez and Carolina Santos both assisted me and made what could have been a complicated process SO INCREDIBLY SIMPLE. My attorney, Gregory Sogoyan was kind, patient and informative with me ALWAYS while fighting for me and getting me a settlement that exceeded my expectation. PLEASE trust these people. PLEASE understand they really are WONDERFUL at what they do. And PLEASE consider yourself lucky to have these folks on your side. And yes, I'm a REAL client who is writing this in hopes this gives you some HOPE and some PEACE of mind you're in good hands.
  • Avatar Milad K ★★★★★ a year ago
    They are very responsive compared with other law firm. They help me out to win my case.
  • Avatar Brian S. ★★★★★ a year ago
    Everyone I dealt with over the last two years at SLP were very professional, knowledgeable and informative. I was initially skeptical and had many questions. They answered every question and guided me along the way, while letting me know … More where we were at in the process and what to expect next. Everything worked out great! I would definitely recommend SLP if you have a lemon.
  • Avatar Glenn McBride ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Strategic Legal Practices are great! They helped me with my vehicle issues with the parent company and guided me with great confidence in the right direction during the whole process. I would definitely recommend this team to my friends … More and family. The level of professionalism and responsiveness are outstanding. Thank you for everything!
  • Avatar Nancy Moreno ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    The attorney's and staff with this firm are excellent and polite. I had no idea that I could be receiving the amount I did from my Lemon Law settlement. Even though I was told it was possible, I thought it was impossible since I had … More my car for 5 years when the lawsuit began. The process took about 2 years and not once did I have to appear in court.
    Thank You SLP! Sorry I took long to write my review.
  • Avatar Rabee McDonald ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    We worked with strategic legal practices for a couple of years on a case and they did a great job. We had a lemon car and the dealership didn't work with us at all. Being in litigation is frustrating and it was great to have the … More experienced helping hands. We got great advice along the way which led to a positive outcome. I hope I never have to do this again but if I do I would definitely use them again.
  • A Google User ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    I first heard about SLP after receiving a few letters in the mail. I read online about the experience of others and decided to give SLP a call. After a triage and review of information, they took on the case. The process takes a while, … More but the folks at SLP provided helpful assistance and guidance each step of the way. You do have to follow through with providing documentation and whatever else is needed for the litigation, but in the end, I was pleasantly surprised with the fantastic outcome. I highly recommend SLP and I approve this message.
  • Avatar M. Stokes ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Absolutely no complaints. From the first phone call to the close of my case everyone was extremely helpful and personable. There was very little I had to do. They handled all of the paperwork. As much as I loved my car when the repairs … More exceeded my extended warranty I appreciated knowing that this office was going to bat for me. Because of them I was able to get a replacement vehicle without coming out of pocket. I would not have been able to manage everything they did for me on my own. My replacement is paid in full and I am extremely grateful for that fact.
  • Avatar helen kulper ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    We received a letter in the mail regarding our 2012 Chevrolet Equinox. We called and spoke with a few people at the office, we faxed over our info and after they reviewed our info, they took our case. Yes the process was long, over 2 years, … More but in the long run definitely worth the wait. All of the staff, lawyers, paralegals, everyone was very professional and very helpful. We had never gone thru the process of a lawsuit, and they explained everything and we felt like we were in "good hands". Thank you SLP for our very positive outcome. We are now in the market for a new set of wheels.
  • Avatar Nelson Arcilla ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    I first heard about SLP after receiving a few letters in the mail. I read online about the experience of others and decided to give SLP a call. After a triage and review of information, they took on the case. The process takes a while, … More but the folks at SLP provided helpful assistance and guidance each step of the way. You do have to follow through with providing documentation and whatever else is needed for the litigation, but in the end, I was pleasantly surprised with the fantastic outcome. I highly recommend SLP and I approve this message.
  • Avatar Joshua Rodriguez ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    The attorneys and staff at SLP are extremely helpful and always professional. My question(s) we’re always answered in a timely manner. My attorney explained the process and timeline in a concise manner. You have to be patient because it … More does take some time, but what doesn’t when your dealing with the legal system. It took about 18 months for my case to be settled, but my attorney told me that upfront and the team at SLP would periodically call me to keep me updated. I was extremely happy with my settlement and would recommend SLP to anyone looking for legal assistance!
  • Avatar CRAYTON TV ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Great company! The staff is amazing and friendly very great to work with they are on top of everything and always calling you with updates . I will definitely use them again if I have to. Amazing company with great customer service . A … More must use company they won’t let you down. Always straightforward with all they work and everything they do. Thank you again for your service and time I really appreciate it.
  • Avatar Chris Hou ★★★★ 10 months ago
    If we could give half stars, I'd have said 4.5 stars.
    Our lemon law case outcome is 5 stars all the way. Sometimes, the communication wasn't super strong so that's why I didn't give them an overall 5 stars.
    This place
    … More is a legitamate business. We got a solicitation in the mail and decided to give them a call.
    Here was our experience.
    1. We scanned all our vehicle service records and sent them over
    2. Their attorneys told us we had a strong case
    3. We were clearly told of their contingent fee structure and signed some documents
    4. We waited for 8ish months until our case went to discovery and filled out a short questionairre
    5. Maybe 2 months after that, the lawyers contacted us with an amazing settlement offer which was more than our vehicle was brand new (even after the legal fees)
    6. We turned our car in right at the end of the 90 day period that was agreed upon in the settlement
    7. We received payment in the form of a check about 2 weeks after we turned the car in.
    So if you think you have a case, let these people tell you because they're experts. Outcome for my family was excellent.